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Hello, I'm TechEdison, owner and manager of MCEU. I started this server list not long after I learned about the Votifier Vote API. I found it really neat that just about anyone could take this and create a vote service. It started as a simple project, and has now grown into a functional service!

There aren't really any unique features to this, but being a new server list has its benefits! Your server will almost certainly be displayed on the top for a while, until many other server owners add their own servers.

It does however have a neat premium slot system. There is a single premium slot, and a single "rotating" slot. The premium slot is paid only, and the rotating slot works with a queue system. You "Opt In" to the queue, and when it's your turn, you get the slot for the entire day! Once your time is up, you may opt in again for another round.

Terms Of Service

By using the MCEU ("We", "I", "Us", "Our", "MCEU", "MCEUniverse", "MCE Universe") service, you are agreeing to the below terms.

We do not take responsibility for any data lost, stolen, or compromised when using our service. Any data you put here is solely your choice, and by your consent.

We do not give out, tamper with, or sell any of your information. Passwords are hashed and stored in a password protected database, but do not use passwords you use on other sites here. If you do, we are not taking responsibility for loss of accounts elsewhere due to passwords being hacked here.

Should you cause a legal issue while using, looking at, or entering data into our site, we do not take any responsibility for any action following.

We do not look at user IP addresses unless required by law. IP addresses are stored whenever you vote, solely for the purpose of preventing further votes on a server until the next day.

When using our service, you are agreeing that you will not use it for the following:
  • Adult content
  • Racist/Offensive content
  • Duplicate posts/accounts
  • Scamming
  • Hate speach
  • Politics
  • Posting a largely known server that you don't own
  • Posting a fake server or "test post" server
  • Posting a spam server

We reserve the right to change these terms without notifying the users at any time. Though we may try to send out an announcement and a news post, it is not required or to be expected of us.

Further Credit

  • Votifier PHP Client - Unknown

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